Friday, October 24, 2008

More Fish Dead

So Monday night at 2 am we heard a crash outside our room and our power went out.  A huge branch equivalent to a tree had fallen on our power cables.  Because this mongoosive branch belonged to a live oak nobody was aloud to start working on getting the power cables back up until someone came to document this dead branch, which didn't happen until Wednesday.  Then the electrician worked on our cables (while Chris tried to bribe him with a cold hamburger and warm Pepsi, what more can you expect when someone doesn't have electricity?) until he finally got the power back on Thursday at 5 pm.  

So we were without power all day Tuesday, all day Wednesday, and Thursday until 5 pm.  

While we did enjoy the candlelight at night and Laurel liked not being able to watch tv for a few days, we were not excited about most of our food rotting even though we moved it into an ice chest and another fish dying due to no light, filter, or air bubbles in our tank.  We went to bed early for a few days since you eventually get tired of sitting in candlelight and you can only spend so much time in Borders.  

Anyway, we now really appreciate the blessings of a lightbulb and a cold fridge.  

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