Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I do believe L.A. is beautiful.

Yesterday, we had rain.  A rare occurrence down here in SoCal.  As I drove into Hollywood for rehearsal, I was stunned by the beauty of L.A.  I mean, this is actually a really pretty place.  The problem is, the air is so dang crappy, you never notice.

From my car window, I could see the skyscrapers gracing the skyline.  Outside of my other window were lovely green hills.  Around one curve in the road, I looked to my left, and there was this cross sticking up from a church on a hill, with the beautiful after-a-rain sky behind it.  I couldn't help but smile.  

But it's not just the rare sighting of the aesthetically pleasing aspects of this town.  There's the everyday beauty.  Let me explain.

As I continued on my drive, I came into the heart of Hollywood.  The theatre I'm rehearsing at is off of Sunset Blvd near the Kodak Theatre (where they're currently preparing for the Oscars).  I mean this is Hollywood-Hollywood.  Every time I make this drive, I end up laughing at some bizarre thing I notice.  Sometimes it's the long-haired man in head-to-toe leather who's standing in the exact same spot on the sidewalk every time I drive by.  Sometimes it's when I look in my rearview mirror and see the couple who looks like they're straight out of an '80s ski movie.  And today it was the 6'3" guy in a Big Bird costume standing on the side of the road.  All normal occurences in Hollywood, but anywhere else in the world, people would be constantly getting into car wrecks cause they'd be so dang distracted by all this hullaballoo.  

And yesterday I realized...I love it.  There are definitely days when I get sick of the outrageous cost of living.  Or when I'm yelling at the traffic that I should've expected, but just fooled myself into believing wouldn't be here today.  Or on those days when it's 82 degrees in the middle of Winter and I just want to wear my new jeans once before summer hits.  

But this is Los Angeles and it is what it is.  Crazy, bad air, artsy, expensive, fun, no-such-thing-as-winter, Big Bird sighting, trafficky, Los Angeles.  Beautiful.

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