Friday, October 23, 2009

We have a son!

Well, it finally happened. We got our referral on Wednesday around 3:30 pm!!! I was in the break room at work and someone came in to tell me a man named "Chris" was here to see me. I thought, "How sweet. He was in the area and stopped by to say, 'Hi'."
We walked outside and he pulled out his iphone (thank God for iphones!) and said, "We're going to look at an email." I immediately knew what he meant. He pulled it up and we scrolled down to a picture of this tiny, beautiful, handsome, big-eyed baby boy. So cute! My eyes filled with tears and I said, "He's so cute." I looked at Chris and he was crying and I was crying and we both laughed. He said, "Yeah, he is."
We just looked at those two pictures and I kept saying, "He's really cute." We were both blubbering right outside the door to my work so I thought we should go over to the car, at least.
We read all of the info and talked about our next steps and how handsome our son is. I had to go back in to work. I cancelled babysitting for Chris's cousin and Chris called me to decide we'd go to our parents' houses after work to show/tell them.
I sat at work for another hour, completely unable to concentrate, feeling like I was going to throw up because of all the excitement and nerves and anxiousness and disbelief that it had actually happened. I was shaky and just so excited and incredulous and in love and realizing the day I thought would eventually come (but at the same time thought wouldn't actually come) had come. It's a weird feeling. It's like this day, this event, this life-changing moment that just kept feeling so far off, was here and now.
So we have a beautiful son who is currently 5 months old and it looks like we'll probably get him in February. It's amazing!


~Stacy said...

Praise God!!! Isn't it amazing how your heart is already knit together with his? I'm so excited for you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm sorry I really don't know you, but I really love reading your blog. Congratulations on your precious son.

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