Tuesday, November 24, 2009


My arm hurts!

Chris and I went to the doctor yesterday for our travel vaccines in preparation to go get our son in Ethiopia. We got up to date on our tetanus, we got the meningococcal vaccine, and we got the Hepatitis A vaccine. I can't lift my shoulder past a certain embarrassing height and it's been in steady pain all day. Stupidly, I did not bring pain killer to work.

We will go back in a month to finish Hep A and we will soon pick up our Typhoid vaccine at Costco (it's in pill form!).

For now, the pain is a little reminder that I get to go get my baby in a couple months!

1 comment:

~Stacy said...

Everyone has a little pain and discomfort during "pregnancy". It's well worth it!! ;)

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