Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Catch Up

Okay. Big news today. Today was our court date in Ethiopia. Our court decision was ratified, which means we have official custody of Ephraim! He is our son! Praise God! We've been praying and praying because the judges over there will often delay the court process by asking for more information pertaining to a child. Usually, as in Ephraim's case, there is no information about history, birth family, etc., but they ask for it anyway and delay the whole process. Praise God, that didn't happen with us.

I got a phone call at 9:11 this morning. It was our agency telling me the court passed our case. She said she'll probably have travel dates for us by early next week, but it looks like the earliest possible embassy appointment (which determines our travel date) will be early February. This is disappointing as we've been hoping to travel next month. So we're praying for a miracle.

Here's what else has been going on in our lives:
We got a puppy!

We named him Addis after the city where Ephraim is.

He is a coonhound, of course.

We hosted Thanksgiving this year for both of our families as well as some friends.

And we had a couple of baby showers with both sides.

It's been busy, but there's lots of good stuff happening. And now I must go bathe my puppy.

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Stephanie said...

How exciting!! Praying for a speedy process from here on out!

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