Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ephraim Update

We got an Ephraim update from Ethiopia yesterday. We have two new pictures of him...these are his 6 month pictures. Each set of pictures we get (they come once a month), he looks sooo different. I guess when you only see a baby once a month, they change so fast that they don't look the same. He gained 2 lbs., which is good and he looks chubbier, which is good. He grew about 1/2 an inch...I think he's going to be shorter than his mama!

Ethiopia sends us medical updates as well each month and this month's was especially encouraging. He's still healthy. He now sits up with support, transfers objects from one hand to another, babbles, and RECOGNIZES STRANGERS!!! This last detail is such a blessing. It doesn't sound like much, but attachment is a huge deal and a huge scare in adoption. Often, kids have been passed around so much and they have so many different caregivers in the orphanage that they develop some sort of attachment disorder. Sometimes they can't attach to anyone. Or sometimes they attach to EVERYONE. The fact that he recognizes a difference between strangers and his caregivers means he has formed some sort of attachment. Which means he'll be more likely to form healthy attachments with us. This is such a relief. It does mean our first bit of time with him will be hard as he'll be grieving the loss of his caregivers, but it will be so much better in the long run.

We really feel like he is thriving and doing the best he could be doing in so many ways. He's attached. He's ahead of where any baby should be on a lot of developmental stuff. He's healthy. He is smiling in the new picture. Praise God!

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RamonandTara said...

GOD is GOOD!!! Praying for Ephraim, you guys and looking forward to meeting him!

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