Thursday, January 7, 2010

Adoption is like...

My dear friend Hoots who lives in Oklahoma gave me these words of encouragement today:

"You are going to be wonderful parents. In fact, I think you already are - just from a long ways away."

I just liked it!

This phase of adoption is a very strange thing to describe to anyone who hasn't experienced it. People often comment to me that it's like we're pregnant right must feel like a pregnant couple feels. I've never been pregnant, but it seems to me there is a HUGE difference between this and pregnancy.

Chris says it's like you gave birth and before you could see or touch the baby, they whisked him away to a third world country, put him in an orphanage, sent you a picture, and said you could get him in a few months.

See, with pregnancy, I'm sure there's this anticipation and desire for the baby to hurry up and get here. But at the same time, the baby's already here with you. It's inside of you so you can feel it and in a way, wrap your arms around it. You can take care of it and make sure it's getting the nutrition that it needs to be healthy. It's with you.

With adoption, your baby is already out of the womb! He's in the world completely. He's been born. But he's not with you. You can't take care of him. You know he's not getting the nutrition and love that he needs, but you're stuck on the other side of the planet.

It seems like a big difference to me.

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