Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A New Year...

It's 2010. Chris and I sat back on New Year's Eve and made a verbal list of all the huge things that happened in 2009. As we did so, I think it occurred to us..."No wonder we've been stressed this year." Stressed but blessed.

2009 included the following milestones:

1. Chris graduated from seminary with a Maters of Divinity and is now quite the divine man as he no longer has homework, papers, thesis, classes, textbooks shoved under the coffee table, and the constant pressure of unfinished schoolwork hanging over his head.

2. We moved back to Visalia. Never thought that would happen, but it's been a good thing. I (Laurel) left the acting world in order to become a stay-at-home mom, which was hard and I don't wish I was still in LA acting, but I do miss it. As Chariots of Fire puts it, "God made me [an actor] and when I [act] I feel His pleasure." But God has taught me that He doesn't always call people to do one thing with their lives. Sometimes your calling changes, sometimes He asks you to do different things with your life from year to year, sometimes you have to put certain desires on hold because He places new burning desires in your soul.

3. We received our referral for our beautiful son in Ethiopia, passed our court date being granted legal custody, and booked flights to Africa to pick up our baby.

4. We bought a house. We moved out of our 550 square foot home in Pasadena and bought a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 living rooms, indoor laundry, crazy house that we couldn't have dreamed we could find in our price range. Thank God for giving me a real estate agent as a mother-in-law.

5. We became dog owners. We got a 3 month old coonhound named Addis. Since 2010 began we added another dog, a 7 month old basset hound named Lu to our family. As Chris says, "We're just bringing more people to the party."

6. Chris left the world of youth ministry after years and years of hanging out with high schoolers and junior highers. We enjoyed our time, but it's nice to be able to spend more time with adults as he is now the young adults, singles, assistant worship pastor at Gateway Church in Visalia.

7. I switched jobs 4 times.

A lot of big changes. God has taught us quite a bit this past year about faith, trust, family, money, and surrender. My hopes for 2010 include continuing to grow, being parents worthy of our son, not buying into society's views on money, and having an impact for the Lord. And away we go...

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Stephanie said...

Wow! Busy year! So glad to have you guys at GateWay and so excited for you to finally have your little one home with you! Here to a fantastic and exciting 2010 :)

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