Thursday, February 18, 2010

Excerpts From our Travel Journal

1-30-10. Laurel.

We're in the air on our way to Washington D.C., currently over Oklahoma. I think Chris and I keep trying not to think about the reason for our trip because we'll get too excited and the trip will seem even longer.

We woke up at 3:40 this morning, took a shuttle to LAX, and boarded the plane around 7:30.

There's a woman in our section of the plane with a little baby, maybe 6 or 7 months old. She's pacing the aisles with him and taking him and a diaper to the very back of the plane where I'm assuming there is a changing table. I keep thinking that'll be us next weekend. I'm so excited. But I'm also intimidated about flying with a baby.

I don't think it has sunken in that we're going to have our son in a couple days. Which is probably a good thing because if it had sunken in, I'd be so giddy that just sitting here would be killing me.

About 7 pm. Dulles airport, Washigton D.C. Laurel.

On our last flight we sat next to a couple from South Africa. Chris talked with the man for quite a while. He told us that there are certain groups in South Africa that are against African children being adopted by people outside of Africa. Their reasons are that the child loses their culture...leaves their culture. But Xander (the man we spoke with) said he doesn't understand this - that if a family is willing to love a child, they should do that. It was interesting.

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Ang said...

Hey guys~

Just checking in to say hi. Lovin' reading about your journey, even though we were there with you. :-)

Hope all is well.

The Laubachs (Jim and Angie)

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