Friday, February 26, 2010

Travel Journal Excerpts

2-1-10. Morning. Chris.

This is it! We finally get to go and get you, Ephraim. We got into town last night and we are now waiting for 9:00 am to roll around so we can go pick you up. We have been waiting and praying for you for a long long time. It's hard to believe that it's actually here...that we're actually within a few miles of where you are...that we're literally a few hours away from seeing you and holding you and not letting you go.

We are overjoyed! Lord, please let him attach to us miraculously. Give us wisdom in raising him...To know how to raise him up in you. Fill him with your spirit and may he go wherever you go, without turning as he follows you. Amen.

(Waiting for Ephraim.)

2-1-10. Afternoon. Chris.

We got you, Ephraim! And you are amazing! You're healthy and doing well in every way. Within the first half hour of us getting you, you fell asleep in your mom's arms. You're smiling and laughing. You really are our little miraculous, marvelous son.

2-1-10. Night. Laurel.

What a day! We went to the orphanage this morning to get Ephraim! He is adorable. He has a little more hair than he did in the last pictures we saw. His face is different, but I think I recognized him. He looks great. He didn't cry at all when we took him from the nanny. I was amazed. Chris and I both got teary-eyed when we met him.

(The first time we met. The woman holding him is one of the nannies.)

We brought him back to the guest house for a little before our appointment with Dove's lawyer at 2:00. Then he and I napped while Chris walked down to the store to buy some formula. He wouldn't drink the kind we brought so we bought the kind they use in the orphanage. Pretty soon after that Chris went back to the lawyer's office to pay him the money we forgot at our previous appointment.

Ahhh, that was finally all the running around for the day.

He ate the new formula and then Mom gave him a piece of a Nutrigrain bar, which seemed to set off a gag reflex so he literally threw up everything he'd eaten that day - all over Chris and our bed. Dad and Ephraim took a shower and I brought all the throw up clothes, towels, comforter, etc. downstairs to be washed.

He's amazing. Ephraim is a GREAT baby. I'm so relieved that I can already see him attaching to Chris.

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