Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Final Travel Entry

Well, that's all that we ended up recording in our travel journal. The trip home was awful. Chris says he got a glimpse of hell and he knows he doesn't want to go there.

As we said, our flight Saturday night was postponed until Sunday night. Then it was delayed an hour so we boarded the plane at 11:30 pm. Ethiopian Airlines decided it was a good idea to serve dinner to a plane full of children and babies. So the lights were on in the plane until 1:30 am. Of course, Ephraim could not sleep. The flight ended up being 19 hours with a delay getting off the ground as they added a protective snow coating (while we sat on the plane), then a 3 hour delay (while we sat on the plane) in Rome as they waited for permission to head to D.C. I (Laurel) got sick on the flight (throwing up and diarrhea), Ephraim was still having explosive diarrhea and hardly slept at all. We had requested a bassinet seat, but didn't get it so we were stuck in normal seats with Ephraim on our laps. Ethiopians are shorter people so not only did my knees touch the seat in front of me, I had to sort of round them around the seat in front of me. Awful, awful, awful.

By the time we reached D.C., we were deciding if we should continue to LA or stay in D.C. as I could barely stand since I was so sick and we were all exhausted. Luckily, yes, luckily, our connecting flight was cancelled due to snow. I had purchased travel insurance (thank God) so we stayed in a lovely hotel in D.C., enjoyed views of the snow, had room service, and slept for hours on end...all to be reimbursed through travel insurance. Lovely.

So we flew out the next night around 10, got to LA in the wee hours of the morning and drove home (at that point, Chris just wanted to be home). We got home around 3 or 4 am. Ephraim had slept the whole car ride and most of the flight from D.C. so he was up and ready to go. Chris and I, on the other hand, had not slept at all. Chris went to bed for 2 hours before I woke him with my frantic yelling from the kitchen. Ephraim would not eat anything I'd tried to get him to eat, including American formula (we ran out of Ethiopian formula on the fight home). He was really hungry and upset, but wouldn't eat. So I did what all new moms do and I got freaked out that my kid would starve and I'd never be able to get him to stop screaming.

The first couple of days home went on like this with me still not feeling well, Chris getting diarrhea as well, Ephraim's diarrhea staying (found out he had giardhia), and us trying to squeeze in sleep any chance we got amidst adjustments to a major time change. My mother-in-law came over and did laundry, etc. while we all slept, which was amazing.

Great time in Ethiopia, miserable trip home. Glad to be where we are now. Glad that horrible adjustment phase passed.

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~Stacy said...

Makes our 10 hour delay in D.C. seem minor. haha! Glad you're all home safe and sound and things are getting better! Love you guys and continue to pray for you and your new life with Ephraim!

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