Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Most Amazing Little Boy

Gosh, he's just so dang cute! I'm almost incredulous that God gave us this baby boy. Sometimes when I look at him, I remember the orphanage in Ethiopia and what it was like for him there and I have such a desire to adopt more children and I just think it's an incredible thing that we get to do to give families to the fatherless. I guess I just want to take this chance to push adoption because Chris and I really believe that God commands all of us to take care of orphans in some way. Whether it's adopting, or sponsoring a child, or donating money to a family who is adopting or I don't know...whatever you can think of...but we all need to do something. Because I read that there are 3.8 million orphans in Ethiopia alone. That's insane! Something has to be done. What will you do?

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