Monday, March 29, 2010


Have you seen this new show Parenthood? I'm loving it. Chris could take it or leave it, but I'm intrigued by the characters and the relationships. It follows four adult siblings who are all in the middle of parenthood in some form or another. It looks at the relationships among the siblings and their relationships with their parents as well as their relationships with their own kids.

Every time I watch it, I'm inspired. I'm inspired not to do anything huge, or maybe it is huge, but to get closer to my siblings and Chris's siblings. It's seeing these adult siblings experience such full relationships with each other. They are there for each other, they tick each other off, they offend each other, they help each other, they advise each other, they hang out together, they play together, they are close. And I feel jealous when I watch.

Sibling relationships are an interesting thing because we have so much history, but our lives turn out so differently and we change so much as we get older. Lately, I'm realizing more and more how I'm just not totally real with people...even my own family. I don't let people in. I feel so much more comfortable listening to people than I do when I'm the one talking so I hurry up and talk as briefly as possible and then I ask questions and I listen. There are good things about this, but I find that most people don't end up really knowing what's going on in my heart and life.

So I'm trying to break out of this habit. I'm trying to be more honest about my beliefs, my ideas, my dreams. I'm trying to say what I think instead of holding back so much. I'm trying to accept that I might ruffle some feathers and I might even offend some people, but that's what deep relationships involve. That's how we get close. So here I go. Wish me luck.

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Ang said...

Hi Chris and Laurel~

Excited to go back through your blog and read how your days have been. I did see one of your days sounded like ours. Laurel, you were sick, too?! I got sick on our flight from Ethiopia to Dubai. I remained sick for most of the flight home, all 18 hours...ughh. I will try and catch up with you. When you have time, please email, as I no longer have your email address-had a slight glitch with contacts.


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