Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mixing the Races

It started when we first decided to adopt from Ethiopia. This silly way Chris and I get excited when we see any sort of mixed race family. But since we've gotten Ephraim, it might be getting a little ridiculous!

A black man walks by our house pushing a white child in a stroller. Once they pass, Chris looks at me and mouths, "Did you see?" Of course I did. I always see.

It doesn't even matter what ethnicities we're talking about. It doesn't have to be black and white like our family. Any amalgamation of race in any family, and we practically act like we've seen Jack Black.

Isn't it funny how you notice things so much more once you become aware of their rarity? When you step into any sort of minority (not just talking race, but religion, way of thinking, family makeup, p0litical views, age, whatever), you begin to notice more of the disparities around you. And I guess you get excited when somebody else break the mold, too.

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