Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My First Support Group...Ever

Last night I attended my first support for adoptive parents. I LOVED IT!!!

It's run by Tulare County through Reach and meets at the Visalia YMCA. I was actually the only one who showed up last night, but as one of the social workers said at the end, "Sometimes these things are meant to be." It was a blessing.

So it was me and two social workers and I just got to tell my story (which I love doing), and discuss our issues, concerns, etc. We don't have any huge issues, so I was kind of worried that if I brought up our little concerns and struggles, other parents in the group would think I was ridiculous. So it was nice to be the only one there. I received wonderful advice from the social workers and what I wanted most from the group was just to be able to talk to someone who understands the many issues surrounding adoption...that it's different from parenting biological children. I got that last night...understanding, assurance, validation. Oh my gosh, I didn't realize how much I needed some validation! I think all parents aren't told much that they're doing a good job. And with all of the added differences of adoptive parenting, it felt so good to have someone say, "I'm proud of you," "You're doing a good job," "You have great intuition." Even receiving that from complete strangers was just such a blessing!

One of the social workers told me to call and make an appointment to come into her office. She said to bring Ephraim and she'll give me some books from their lending library and direct me to some resources pertaining to our situation and needs. Again, even though Ephraim is doing so well and we're all adjusting nicely and everything, it is really nice to just know we're not alone in this adoption have people who know about adoption and all that comes with it and who will be a support system for us.

I'm so glad I went to that support group. Sometimes you don't realize how much you need something until you get it.

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