Monday, May 17, 2010

And the Adoption Journey Continues

So...we've been thinking about our next adoption lately. We'd like to have another kid when Ephraim is around 2 years old, which only leaves us about a year. We have planned on adopting through foster care next, yet at this point, we're not sure. We're looking into it more deeply. We researched it when we were deciding what to do for our first adoption, but when we decided to go international, we didn't look further into fost/adopt. So now we're really delving into it, seeing what the needs are, deciding what we can handle, etc.

And we're not sure what we're supposed to do. It surprises me because I thought we had it all figured out...not sure why I thought that, but I did. So we're praying that God would show us what He wants us to do and that He'll lead us to the child He wants us to have through whatever means.

Please pray for us as well. Pray that we'll have wisdom and that we'll do God's will.


1 comment:

Mel said...

how exciting - sure will pray for you. and just know, GOD will always show you the way HE has planned for you and your next adoption. we have adopted 3 times and looking back God has closed and opened so many doors to our children, i'm still in awe :-)

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