Thursday, May 13, 2010

My First Mother's Day

We dedicated Ephraim at church on Mother's Day. I think it's neat that they do Baby Dedication on Mother's and Father's Day. It makes a really special day for parents. Chris's whole family including grandparents and my whole my family including grandparents (except my brother and his wife because they are starting a church and can't miss) showed up for the occasion. It meant a lot that they all came to support us. (In case you don't know, baby dedication at Christian churches is simply dedicating your child to God, committing to raise your child to know the Lord and follow Him).

Then both of our families came to our house for a Mother's Day brunch. I was so glad we decided to do this, mostly for Ephraim's sake. Everyone was gone by 4:00 and we had the rest of the evening to just relax as a family. If we had gone to both sides, we wouldn't have been home until bedtime. It's just exhausting for us and for Ephraim when we do this, which is pretty much every holiday. So when we can, we host both sides together, as it just makes the day soooo much easier.

I found it strange that Mother's Day is no longer just a day for me to celebrate my moms, but to be celebrated. It seems difficult to balance that. Also, with a baby, you don't really get to just do what you want that day! You still work all day.

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mary gendron said...

Love the last 2 lines of your post.

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