Saturday, June 26, 2010

Girl Talk

My dear dear friend visited me this weekend from L.A. The first night we stayed up talking and I didn't realize how much I miss having these types of conversations with my friends. We talked about deep stuff and controversial stuff and we challenged each other and it was so SATISFYING. We discussed immigration laws, gay marriage, adoption, politics, Hollywood, all kinds of interesting stuff. I talk about this kind of stuff with my husband and occasionally with my family, but I don't really talk about it with friends anymore.

Thinking about it, I realize I used to have conversations like this all the time in college. I guess that's the time in your life when everyone's really figuring out what they believe and where they stand on certain issues and I remember many times having discussions with people who shared my views as well as people with different views. It was fascinating and challenging. So, thank you, Amanda for the great conversations and reminding me how cool it is to have people in my life I can get serious with.

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Ang said...

Hi Laurel,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on wives submitting to husbands. I was at a retreat and a woman said, "As wives, we are able to show the world a visible example of what Christ did for us, His body, on the cross. He submitted to the Father, and we, as wives, submit to our husbands. As you said, Christ laid down His life for us, and our husbands are to do the same. Unfortunately, women rarely think through the beauty and depth of love in this b/c we've been trained to believe that submission is a bad thing.

It's so good to see pictures of Ephraim and hear the news of you praying for the next child God will bring to you.

God's best to you today,

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