Monday, June 14, 2010

Our First Family Camping Trip

Well, we survived our first camping trip with Ephraim! We spent two nights with Chris's parents in their trailer at Pismo Beach. We actually camped in Arroyo Grande, but hung out a lot in Pismo.

I was nervous in preparing for this trip because we haven't taken Ephraim on any trips since coming home from Ethiopia. He's still in the crawling phase, which worried me at a campground. Where could he safely crawl? And he really thrives in his routine so I was nervous to upset that. For instance, he has his very specific things he needs just so to fall asleep (blackout curtains to darken his room, our comfy rocking chair, a white noise machine, etc.). He also still gets overwhelmed and over stimulated in new situations, new places, with new people, etc. So all of that together made me a little concerned that this could not go well at all!

But he did wonderfully. There was definitely adjustment the first day and some frustration for Chris and I as we struggled to get him down for naps, back to sleep at night, etc. But by the second day, he was napping longer than he often naps at home! I think being able to breathe clean air for the first time in his life helped! And he was so worn out by all that we did and the novelty of it all that he was exhausted when it came time to sleep.

We took him to the beach on Friday and he LOVED all that vast open space just for him to crawl and crawl and crawl.

We had a wonderful vacation, got some time to rest, bonded, and had a lot of fun! And we're so grateful for my in-laws and their willingness to treat us to a vacation.

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