Friday, June 18, 2010

Sometimes the Stress Wall Breaks

Chris and I both had little meltdowns last night which involved venting about stress, some minor cussing, a few solutions, and tossing around the idea of getting rid of our dogs.

He's stressed about being behind on the yards and feels that they are a reflection of him. I summed up his feelings with, "You feel you have a lack of respect from the world," at which he laughed. But I didn't realize how much it bothers men when they haven't been able to keep up on their yards and how they really feel embarrassed when random strangers drive by. (I'm assuming this applies to a lot of guys!)

But I guess I feel pretty much the same way about our kitchen. That's what I vented about. Since we got a baby, our kitchen is the disaster zone of the house that I just can't stay up on. It is a pit of dirty dishes, crusty food, unpaid bills, and mail that needs to be sorted. It's embarrassing.

We both feel like every weekend, we have a holiday or a birthday or some event and even when we don't, both of our families want us to come over for a few hours. We love our families and it is a blessing to live near them again. But it's also hard to balance time with them and time we need with just the three of us. We have two wonderful families so if we see both sides a few hours every weekend, then do house and yard work another day, then attend all of the birthday parties and such, then when do we just hang out as the three of us? It's something we've been struggling with since moving back and we still haven't been able to deal with it in a way that satisfies us.

So we both let out some steam. Steam that had apparently been bottling up for a while. I threw out the idea of getting rid of our dogs because they stress me out, fill me with guilt because we don't give them attention, and destroy our backyard. We are still considering this option.

And for now, we decided to get a sort of "inbox" to sort our mail in the kitchen and to invest in some heavy duty weed killer to get those pesky weeds out of our front yard once and for all.

I love my husband because in the midst of this stress unloading we were having, he came up to me and said,
"You know what we ARE good at?"
He pointed from himself to me. "This." Then he pointed toward the room where Ephraim was sleeping and back to us. "And this."

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mary gendron said...

Yep. Been there...and we gave our dog to Joey's brother. I will say after having 3, the mess doesn't bother me as much.

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