Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I was just catching up on the blog of a woman I've come into contact with who also adopted from Ethiopia. She mentioned Africa and I got all choked up. This startled me as I was not expecting to get emotional at the simple thought of Africa, but I did.

Ethiopia is the first third world country that Chris and I have ever been to. It was heartbreaking. I haven't blogged much about the need we saw there, but as my cousin Stacey said when they returned from Ethiopia, I hope I never forget what I saw.

There's so much need, and so much pain in my heart when I remember, that I don't really know what to share. I could talk about the orphanage with so many children who don't know what it means to simply have a family, or the homeless babies sitting on the street with their homeless mothers, or the "middle class" home I visited that was literally a metal shed with no running water. Engraved in my memory is the little boy at the orphanage who walked outside, saw us, and without hesitation threw his arms around Chris just for the sake of a hug; all of the young boys who spend every day sitting in the dirt and heat to shine shoes; the haphazardly hung tarps that line the streets and are considered home to entire families. Also stuck in my mind are the smiles. The smile of the little girl kicking a ball at the orphanage who was happily surprised to hear me speak to her in Amharic. The smile of the soldier with a huge gun in his hand who told our interpreter he was happy to see us adopting a baby. And most of all the smile on my son's face the first time we met him.

I guess I'm realizing more and more that God has put Africa in my heart. I don't fully know why. We adopted our son from there and are excited to continue teaching him some of the culture and language. We talk about possibly adopting again from Ethiopia down the road. We've also casually thrown out the idea of moving there, with humor and an ounce of seriousness. I don't think we ever will, but you never know what the Lord will ask of you.

There's just so much poverty and need in our world and Africa is one location of that (as is America). So what can we do? Let's keep praying for ideas and let's help someone in some way.

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Lori said...

Thank you for your writing. Having to actually face the poverty, need, and hurt makes me cry. My heart especially breaks for the children needing a family. We are all so overly blessed. Surely we are to do something. Thank God that He found you Ephraim!!

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