Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Becoming Better...prayer

I often feel compelled to become better...a better friend, a better sister, a better wife, a better mom...the list goes on. Have you been there?

What compels me? Sometimes it's a person in my life who just seems to be such a better (fill in the blank) than I am. Sometimes it's just an awkward interaction that reveals how distant I've become in a relationship! Sometimes it's when I lose my patience with my son only to remember he's just a one-year-old and how much can I expect from him?

So I'm starting a new blog series entitled "Becoming Better" that will focus on different relationships and different aspects of life and faith. Today's "Becoming Better" has to do with prayer.

I'm compelled by my friend Kristin, an old college roommate. She is a better friend than I am and part of this has to do with prayer. When I talk to Kristin on the phone (she lives down south) and I'm telling her what's going on in my life, she'll stop mid-conversation, grab her prayer journal, and write down the ways she's going to pray for me and my family. As if this wasn't enough to lift my spirits and make me feel loved, she will text me almost weekly when she is praying for me, just to let me know and to ask if there are any updates on the things she's praying for.

Every time I get one of these texts, I feel supported, encouraged, loved, and it reminds me to pray for the people in my life. So I want to try to do this for others. When I tell people I will pray for them, I really do pray for them, but I want to start letting them know. And I want to follow up on the things I'm praying for.

So my plan is to start writing down the things I'm praying about for others. I'll probably just write them in my journal. And then my plan is to continue to pray for these things weekly and to contact the people I'm praying for with a little encouragement. Will you join me?

Let's become better.

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