Monday, August 23, 2010

My Model

How handsome is he, right!?! When we signed for physical custody of Ephraim in Ethiopia, we were given this traditional Ethiopian outfit as a gift from the orphanage. It was quite touching.

It finally fits him so I wanted to be sure and take some pictures before he outgrows it. I'd like to eventually frame the outfit and hang it on the wall.

Too much cuteness!

I just thought this one was absolutely precious.

Of course, a good model knows how to really show off the clothes.

It brightens my day. Hope it brightens your's.

1 comment:

RamonandTara said...

Awwww Laurel Ephraim is adorable! It brought tears to my eyes. Both my babies are at school right now, so you can imagine. I think framing it and putting it up would be so special. Thanks for sharing :)

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