Sunday, September 19, 2010

Adoption's Joy

My last post ended on sort of a downer note.  I want to fix that a little bit.

Is adoptive parenting hard?  Yes, it is.  I don't want to sugarcoat it.

They call this "specialized parenting" and it really is.  Especially when you're dealing with the effects of institutionalization, abandonment, neglect, etc.  Oftentimes in adoption, families have to deal with the effects of abuse and trauma and attachment disorders.  As much as we wish love was all it took to overcome all of this, most of the time it just isn't.  Much is required.  In my adoptive parent support group, pretty much everyone's child has been or is in some sort of therapy or counseling.

All of this stuff can be hard stuff.


But adoption is amazing!!!  Sometimes people say or imply that we are missing out on something by not having biological kids.  I do believe pregnancy and birth and all of that is a miracle and a really awesome experience that God blesses us with.  I believe that about adoption, too.  The process, the waiting, the referral, the first time you meet, all of that is absolutely incredible.

God compares our relationship with Him to adoption several times in the Bible.  He says that we are "adopted" as His sons and daughters.  As an adoptive parent, I have a window into that relationship that I couldn't otherwise have, which is such a blessing.

People in the adoption world talk all the time about how amazing it is to see God perfectly match you up with a child...sometimes from half way around the world...and you just KNOW that that is THE child for you.  Ephraim has Chris's curly hair and big bottom lip.  He has my stubbornness and love for food.  God absolutely picked that little boy as our son.

I am amazed at the strength, intelligence, and perseverance of that little man.  The things he's come through, his will to live and to survive all of it, his joy, his ability to trust even after being given so many reasons to never trust again...he's amazing.  I feel like he deserves such respect and honor for what he's come through and what he's done to get through it.

I absolutely love being Ephraim's mama and I am excited to adopt more children into our bring more people to the party, as Chris says.

So with all of the hard and frustrating times, adoption is an absolute miracle and I'm grateful that the Lord allows us to be a part of it.

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Lori said...

As an adopted person and as the grandma of our beloved adopted grandson, Ephraim, adoption is a blessing to so many of us in so many ways.

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