Thursday, September 23, 2010

Becoming Better...a book

Today's "Becoming Better" is inspired by my husband. 

I must confess there is something about my husband that often annoys me.  It annoys me because I know I should be more like him in this area, but I'm not.  

My husband loves the Bible.  I mean LOVES it.  There really is this sort of fire shut up in his bones for that book.  He dives into it, he dissects it, he pours over it, he reads and reads and reads it.  

And I have to force myself to read 2 chapters each day...but I often don't even do that.

So when we're laying in bed at night and he's passionately telling me these things he read yesterday and the connections that occurred in his mind and how excited he is about it and how he can't wait to read more...I love it, but it annoys me.

Have you been there?

I love his passion for God and for His word.  I adore it.  My husband and I often have conversations about theology and what it means to follow Christ and that is one of my favorite things about our relationship.  I love that he wants to share what he's learning with me.  

But I get annoyed because I know I should have that kind of passion for the Bible.  Yet I don't.

So I'm trying to become more steady in my reading of the Bible.  And I'm going to pray that the Lord will give me this sort of fire and passion for those pages.  

I'm going to keep reading.

Will you join me?


Venessa said...

I feel very similar- that I could have more passion about reading the Bible! I will definitely join you in praying for more passion to read and dive into the scriptures!

Jimmy & Kristi said...

I will join you too! I am not sure if I feel annoyed by the fire and passion that my husband and some of my friends have but I do know that I feel JEALOUS...can you believe it jealous! I am not supposed to feel jealous about anything let alone something so wonderful...I WANT that fire and that passion...sometimes I get angry that I am so quiet and can't open up and share my emotions. Sometimes I wish I had more of a voice...that I was not fearful of opening up and letting people know how I feel. WOW I guess I needed to get that off my chest!!!

Meg Fletcher said...

Ah the joys of being a Pastor's Wife :) my hubs and I are the same way. He's always learning new things daily and most of the time I love the hear the new things, but sometimes I've had enough. But like you said it's one of the things I love about him.

Lori said...

I will join you in praying I have more fire and passion for reading God's word. You are blessed your husband has that fire and passion and that he shares it with you!

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