Monday, October 4, 2010

Little E

That's what my sisters-in-law call Ephraim.

Chris commented last night that we've had Ephraim for 8 months now.  It's funny because we are constantly reminding ourselves and each other how short our time with him has actually been.  At this point, we have hit the mark of him being in our family longer than he was in the orphanage.  It's crazy that it took this long to hit that mark, but it feels really good.  I can't explain it.  I just have to praise God.

So here are a few things I've learned so far about this child who may not have my genes, but who is my heart.

He loves tv!  I remember the first time we realized this.  We had been waiting in a stuffy little room at the US Embassy in Ethiopia.  A room full of other adoptive parents, babies, children, crazyness.  We all waited for hours for our turn to go upstairs, raise our right hands, swear that we would accept responsibility for our children, and be declared fully and completely a family.  This little room had a small section of toys with a tv playing Sesame Street.  I was pacing the room with my little 8-month-old and his eyes caught the tv.  He stared for the longest time.  He was and continues to be enthralled by that moving picture machine.

He is a shoe guy.  He just has this thing for shoes.  When we buy him a new pair, he wants them on immediately and he will proceed to sort of prance around the house with his head down admiring them upon his feet.

He's fearless.  Sure, he may come crying when he knocks over the vacuum and there's a crash, or when there's any other loud noise, really.  But he is a risk-taker and a bit of a daredevil.  For example, when he sits on your shoulders, he doesn't hold on.  He'll just sit there, without fear, wobbling about.  You have to grab his hands and hold them yourself because you're afraid he's going to fall.  

He is strong.  He loves to be in control, but he also loves to cling to my legs.  He adores being outside or pretending to drive our car.  He is anxious and he is loving.  He snuggles, he cuddles, he kisses.  He has this ridiculous grin he'll turn on just to get a laugh.

He may be the death of me as he nears age two with all of his energy, passion, speed, and toughness.  But he amazes me daily and I think the Lord's going to do something so significant with his life.

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Venessa said...

What a sweet baby boy! He sounds so amazing and I am so happy for you guys! Congrats on the milestone!!

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