Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Thousand Thanks

A Thousand Thanks is a series created by my husband and I in an attempt to start a revolution of gratitude. It is our attempt to become more grateful people and to inspire others to do so as well.  What do you have to give thanks for?

Continuing in my attitude of gratitude:

Number nine:  Today I am grateful for cool weather.  It's been a long time coming in Visalia, CA.  We put an extra blanket on our bed last night and that's just exciting.

Number ten:  I love photographs!  Isn't it such a blessing that we are able to take pictures of moments and people and places and events so that we can remember?  Because I want to remember things like Ephraim's face when we took him through the corn maze.  Precious.

Number eleven:  I'm thankful for blogging.  I love that someone like me can put my writings out there for the whole world without a publisher or a writing contract or a finished novel.

Number twelve:  On Halloween we'll be celebrating Chris being cancer-free for seven years.  And for that miracle, a thousand thanks, Lord.

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