Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Family Tale

November is National Adoption Month and I'm joining the Blog Hop over at Foster 2 Forever by writing a little about our adoption story.

My husband and I both thought about adoption before we even met.  While dating, we discussed it and were surprised to find we had this in common.  I remember looking up the financial implications while we were engaged...just because we were curious...and after seeing those scary numbers we sort of put it on the back burner with the thought of, "If God wants us to do that, I guess He'll miraculously give us the money."

Well, after we got married, the Lord kept pushing and inspiring us.  Our passion to help the orphans of the world kept growing and growing.  When we decided it was time to add a child to our family, we strongly felt that the Lord wanted us to do this through adoption.  The problem was my husband was a pastor and I was an actor so we had a serious lack of money!  But we decided to go ahead and start the process and if God didn't want us to adopt, the money wouldn't come and then we'd know.

We researched all of our options: foster care, international, domestic.  And we decided we wanted to adopt internationally this time around.  We were initially drawn to Ethiopia but felt we should consider all options.  Due to my youngness, the newness of our marriage, and my husband's past battle with cancer, most countries and agencies ruled us out.  But not Ethiopia.

Our adoption process lasted a year and a half and brought us to our son 9 months ago.  The money thing?  We are still baffled at all of the miraculous ways God brought us every penny we needed (although sometimes not until two days before a payment was due!).  Our faith grew exponentially during this time because we HAD to completely trust and rely on God.  And He proved to us over and over that when we do what He asks of us, He provides a way.

Last February, we flew over to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and picked up our then 8-month-old son Ephraim.  The above picture was taken a few minutes after we met.

I am amazed at the courage and will to live that my son possesses.  I am eternally grateful God gave him to me as my son.

I am an advocate for adoption because there is an absurd amount of orphans in this world, because I believe it is our duty and our calling to take care of those orphans any way we can, and because I have seen firsthand that this is one heck of a beautiful way to have a family.

When we met


Meg Fletcher said...


Venessa said...

What a beautiful story! I am so thankful to have found your blog! I love following your story!

With Cherries On Top said...

Lovely story! If you would ever like to guest post on my blog about your adoption experience I would love to share your story!

Dawn said...

Thank you for sharing your story... Wonderful!

The Raudenbush Family said...

Great post -- would love to have you come check out www.wearegraftedin.com if you get a chance. Maybe you could consider contributing an article? :)

Kat said...

I jumped over here from the Blog Hop and I've got to tell you we were exactly the same way. We knew before we were married that we would adopt....seven children (four of them adopted blessings) later...:) I love how God forms families!!!!

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