Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Doctor Not Seuss

Today was Ephraim's 18 month doctor's visit.  We told him we were going to the doctor and he just kept repeating, "Doctor Duh," which is "Doctor Seuss" in our house.  He loves watching his Dr. Seuss dvd and this is the only "doctor" association he has had since becoming the talker that he is.

Well, he got a rude awakening from his hopes of driving somewhere to watch Dr. Seuss when he began to be prodded, forced into positions he had no desire to be in, and finally tortured with a huge needle in his thigh.

Tears streamed down that boy's face from the moment the nurse placed a measuring tape around his head until everyone finally left our exam room and we told him he could get a sticker on the way out.

The doctor told us that it's pretty much the universal reaction at the 18 month appointment.

Chris, the softy of the two of us, told me that his parents used to buy him McDonalds breakfast after every doctor's appointment and he loved that as a kid.  "Maybe he needs some french fries," he says to me.  Though I know the ritual will be pretty much lost on Ephraim at this age, I agree to swing over to McDonalds.  Ephraim does a enjoy a good greasy french fry.  And my husband enjoys making his boy feel better.

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Stephanie said...

So cute, we used to always get a milkshake after dentist appt's :)

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