Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'll Keep Eating Manna, Thank You!

Service Engine Soon.  That's what my car has said for about a week.  Don't you hate that?  We had to get it looked at today because we are due to get it smogged and they won't smog check it until that little service light goes off.

As we drove away from leaving it to be looked at, Chris and I chuckled.  See we just recently got a little bit of money.  Not much, but to us, it's a lot.  It came through a couple of sources for Christmas.  The thing is, every time, and I do mean EVERY, that we get a little extra cushion in our bank account, something comes up and we realize all it was was manna.  How dare I say "all it was".  Manna from heaven is a glorious thing.  It seems like right when we need some cash, here comes the cash.  And we get all excited and think we can do something fun with it or we can just leave it in the bank and feel a little more at ease with our finances.  And then God goes, "No, sillies, I didn't give it to you for that.  I gave it to you because you're going to really need it tomorrow."

And we just laugh every time we watch that balance go back down.

God provides for our needs.  I can't express how grateful I am for this.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I would love a little extra cash.  I might go buy that table we ogled a year ago for our entryway.  Or I might just remind myself each day that I have some money in the bank.  And that would feel kind of good.

But I don't need that table for my entryway.  I can continue to throw the mail on the dining room table, the backpack on the floor.  I don't need a big cushion in my bank account.  I don't need excess or wealth or even a little breathing room.  Because I'm supposed to be uncomfortable here, in this world.  Jesus was.  From being born into a sort of homeless situation through the rest of His life in which the Son of Man had no place to rest His head.  Why would I expect more for me?  Why would I really want more for me?


Jimmy & Kristi said...

Wow Laurel...this post really made me stop and think...THANK YOU!! I find myself worrying and whining over things I should not be...I need to stop and remember that I TRUST God and know He will provide for my NEEDS. Anyway, so much to think about now because of this post...once again thank you!! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

With Cherries On Top said...

I heart you! Such a great example!-Sarah

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