Thursday, December 2, 2010

Today is a big day

Why?  Because we finished TB medicine!  Chris and I have been looking forward to this day for nine months.  That's how long we've been forcing this stuff down our little baby.

Ephraim came to us with dormant TB.  This means it wasn't in his lungs or affecting him in any way and he couldn't give it to anyone else.  It was just sitting there in his body and it needed to come out.  So in trudged this horrible medicine.  Horrible because he hated the taste.  And even more horrible because you have to wait 2 hours after eating, take it, then wait another hour before eating.

That's three hours without eating!

That's difficult for any baby/toddler, but it's exceptionally difficult for one with the obsession for food
Ephraim had when he first entered our family and realized he could have as much food as he wanted any time he wanted.  And then it's difficult for a toddler who has overcome his food obsession only to become obsessed with apple juice.  (Sometimes he wakes up at 3 am and asks for apple juice.  There's no point in asking what he wants to drink ever because it will always be apple juice.)  Yet if you give him even half a cup of apple juice during those three hours, his stomach will become very upset.  Enough said.

So it has been a nine month journey of upset stomachs, stolen glances at the clock while trying to distract with tv or fun toys or sillyness, and all kinds of crazy tactics to get medicine into the boy and to keep him from eating and drinking when he wants.

All I can say is, "Thank God that is over!"

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~Stacy said...

Ugh! I completely understand that one. Teddy had to have 9 months of the medicine too. It was hard enough with a 6 year old who tried not to complain, so I can only imagine how difficult it would be for a little one. Poor E! So happy that's over for you guys!

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