Friday, January 21, 2011

every day

Every day we do this, my friends.  Ephraim tells me, "Agua.  Toaw." and points to the kitchen.  So I throw a towel on the floor, he instantly plops himself down, and I bring over a pan or some tupperware with about 1/2" of water and some spoons, etc.  And he'll sit there for about 10 minutes and splash around.

When he's done I do have to change his soaking clothes and use the towel to quickly mop up the water that's now on the floor and has sometimes even made it's way onto the fridge.  But he loves it!  And I get 10 minutes to do dishes or check my email or straighten the kitchen.

If you have a toddler, might I suggest this activity?  What would you do with 10 minutes in the kitchen?


danali said...

thanks So much for the suggestion. please post more!! we dont have a dishwasher so i get a good 30min out of them with this now. they love it. thanks again

michelle said...

I found you through Alisha's blog. That is a GREAT idea...I notice Alisha didn't bother sharing :). I'm going to try this and pray my kids dont dump it all over the floor. Thanks for sharing.

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