Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm Married to Supernanny

So I've finally taken on this cold that's gone through my husband and son during this crazy month.  Ephraim's nose is still clinging to the lovelyness that is that cold.  And now I've got it.  Fun.

I think nighttime is always the hardest for the well parent when one parent is sick.  At least this is the case in my home where the child can never be counted on to sleep well.  Last night was a doozy, my friends.

It began around 1 am when we woke to realize Ephraim had made his way to the kitchen.  (He's in a normal bed and he can open his own door so there's nothing stopping him from leaving his room).  Usually he just comes to our room on nights he chooses to escape, but last night found him in the kitchen, which is at the complete opposite end of the house.

Chris put him back to bed, but this kept happening.  He'd lay in bed for 5 minutes and we'd hear his door open, 5 minutes, door opens, 5 minutes, door opens, etc.  Chris valiantly handled the whole thing so his sick wife could stay in bed.  He tried everything.  He lay in Ephraim's bed for 30 minutes, he stood by the bed, he spoke soothingly, etc, etc.

When none of that worked, he decided Ephraim simply felt awake and wanted to be up, but to be sure, he asked Ephraim, "What do you want?" 

"Up" was all I heard.

So up and down and up and down went my husband for guess how long...two hours.  I was so proud of him because he handled it so well.  He just kept getting up and putting Ephraim back in bed, and getting up and putting him back in bed.  For two hours.  That man  is my hero.  He told me this morning he felt like Supernanny.

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