Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Life Lately

Ephraim is loving to read.  Particularly if the subject matter involves tractors and/or dinosaurs.

Here's that dog I told you about.  His name is Lloyd and Ephraim loves him.

Chris's brother and sister-in-law had their third son this week.  Sutton Wade.

This morning we decided it's time to transition Ephraim from the highchair to the booster seat.

We took Ephraim to the zoo for the first time and we all loved it.

And on the topic of Adoption #2, we continue to move forward.  We spent all day Saturday at a training and our social worker will visit our house tomorrow to do the home inspection and interviews for our homestudy update.  I'm working on getting CPR certified online right now, Chris will go to a support group next month as part of our training, and other than that I think our portion is pretty much complete.  Now we wait!

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