Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Job = Regression

This week is INSANE with Chris starting a new job, commuting to Fresno several times, my work, adoption training and paperwork, and... the regression.  I've read that when a parent starts a new job, adopted children can have a regression.  Yup, I believe it.  Our routine is thrown off; little things are different.  What I've learned is that little changes can scare our children because when The Big Change (the adoption) happened, it started with little changes, right?  In an institutional setting, routine is big; it has to be.  But on that morning, I'm sure routine was changed.  His schedule was thrown off, they put shoes on his feet for probably the first time, maybe he got a bath, etc.

So when little changes to routine occur, it can be scary for Ephraim.  I'm thrown off this week because our schedule is so different so I can only imagine how it feels to Ephraim.  Needless to say, sleep is not really happening.  Naps are broken up by waking every half hour, and nighttime involves about three wakings and hour-long breaks from sleep.  Not fun.

I look forward to this becoming our new routine so we can all adjust and then we'll sleep once more.

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