Monday, March 21, 2011

We Got Us a Dog

Well, ya'll, we did.  After much debate and a weeks worth of searching we got ourselves little Lloyd.  (Pictures will come soon as I'm going to pick him up from the neutering clinic in about an hour).  He's a purebred dachshund and we got him from the SPCA at a "discount".

You may recall that we had two dogs who came into our lives to help us with our long and hard wait to bring Ephraim home.  Once Ephraim came home, said dogs became pent up with energy that resulted in chewy destruction and barking at all the times our new son found elusive sleep.  It wasn't their fault.  We had a new baby and all that came with him and we just weren't giving them the attention they needed.  So we found a family who would.

But now Ephraim is at that age where he likes dogs.  And he needs a playmate.  As you know, we're filling out the paperwork to get him a brother/sister playmate, but that will be a while.  We spend a LOT of time outdoors now and I think it'll be fun to have a little dog out there.  We decided on a small dog because our last dogs were rather large hounds who would knock Ephraim over in a heartbeat.

So I am super excited!  On Saturday morning the three of us headed over to the SPCA as soon as they opened because on Friday Ephraim and I had seen a little dachshund that would just become available on Saturday.  We interacted with him in a little room for a couple of minutes.  I didn't think Ephraim would really care because we'd been talking about it with him for a while and he seemed so nonchalant.  But we were surprised when the dog went into a kennel so we could fill out paperwork and Ephraim started to cry.  It made me feel like it was the right decision to get a dog!

Because he had to be neutered we haven't been able to pick him up until this afternoon.  Ephraim woke up this morning saying, "Throw it de tennis ball to de dog."  He's excited about old Lloyd.


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