Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Day's Beginning

This morning began in quite the lovely manner.  Well, the 7:00 version of this morning.  Not the 4:00 version where E came to my bedside and said, "Seep (sleep) Daddy bed."  Because that version proceeded to entail an hour of laying with E in his own bed, fighting him back to sleep.  But then he finally drifted off and slept and slept and slept.

Version 2 of my morning:  I got out of E's bed around 7 to the smell of coffee brewed by my already-up husband.  And E continued to sleep for another 45 minutes.

We miss that quiet time.  Chris and I don't get mornings to ourselves, as you probably understand quite well if you have children, particularly very young ones.  The simple time spent savoring a cup of coffee in front of the Today Show with my husband, in the peace and quiet, having uninterrupted conversations, not fetching milk or apple juice for anybody, not playing legos, just sitting and savoring...well, that was simply glorious.

I hope your day began in a way that brought you similar peace.  At least the second version of your day's beginning.

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