Thursday, April 7, 2011

gag me with some corn!

E is a picky eater.  I've read this is common among adopted children and it makes sense to me.  When E first came to us he became obsessed with food, eating everything in sight (making us think he had gone without before).  Then he made the switch to picky.  I think it's a control thing; I think it has to do with eating the same thing every day in the orphanage; and I think it comes with his realization that food will be available when he wants/needs it so he doesn't have to eat whatever we give him.

Vegetables are a struggle.  Can I get an "Amen!"?  I went to get my haircut the other evening and while I was gone this scenario went down:

For E's before-bed-snack, Chris gave him the chicken and corn he hadn't eaten at dinner.  He coaxed a few bites of chicken into E.  Then he moved on to the corn.  E was told he had to eat some corn.  E promptly picked out a single kernel and ate it with a facial expression and head shaking in the vein of almost gagging.  Praise was given.  E was told he had to eat some more corn.  He picked out a single kernel and ate it with the same expression and head twitching.  Praise.  This went on for a few kernels.

Then Daddy made what would turn out to be a mistake.  E said, "Daddy do it" wanting Chris to feed him.  So Chris grabbed a few kernels at the same time and put them in E's mouth.  That's when the real honest to goodness gag occurred.  That corn was so disgusting Ephraim threw up.  Threw up everything he'd eaten up to that point.  That's how gross corn is, folks.  Corn with butter and garlic salt and pepper on it.  It'll make you barf.

And that's what we're dealing with here, folks.


Stephanie said...

Oh no! I am terrified of big kid throw up! Poor guy, who knew corn was such a terrible thing! :)

Ang said...

That is the best blog post title of all time. Ha!

Ana is definitely picky. Gabriel will eat anything! Peas, corn, tomatoes, olives-seriously-anything.

Come to think of it, Ana actually nibbled on a dog turd today. I mean, who does that?!? And, she wont eat noodles with lemon sauce, but she'll eat dog poop.


And yes, I am running for mother of the year award :-)

Devonna said...

Anden did the same thing for apples the other day! I gave him a bite, and he gagged on it. He is supper picky, and doesn't seem to like anything. But come on, I thought fruit was supposed to be easier! Haha. I guess we'll have to get creative ;)

Something really creative... said...

Funniest snack ever.

Kristn said...

He's looking so big! And so cute and silly!

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