Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Thumb's Photo Debut

I've noticed that Chris and I don't end up in very many pictures since becoming parents.  I am obsessed with taking pictures of E, but I find myself forgetting to take pictures of anyone or anything else.  Does anyone else do this since becoming parents?

Nevertheless I wanted to share a few pictures taken around our home lately.  Be forewarned they'll probably only involve a certain little boy.  But I think he's cute enough to take up a whole picture himself any day.

He has mastered the fake picture smile

A warm spring evening called for this kind of dinner eaten outside on a blanket

Chalk Artistry

This picture is E in his signature state.  Not the towel on his head, but mommy's thumb positioning.  Thumbs in general, but particularly Mommy's are his woobie, his security, his transitional object, whatever you want to call it.  What you see below is his most comforted state.  Weird, I know.

He also loves to have the back of his neck tickled, particularly by Daddy.

Hey, Chris ended up in one picture and my thumb made it into another.  Kudos to us!

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