Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Adoption Books I Recommend

I am often asked for recommendations on books that have helped us in our adoption journey.  I am a reader and so from the time we were considering adoption through the present, I have been reading and reading books on the subject.  Some have been absolute lifelines for me and I have learned much that has helped us in our journey so I wanted to share with all of you.  If you're looking for adoption-related books or if you know someone who is, I hope this list helps!

Attaching in Adoption by Deborah Gray.   This is hands down the BEST book I have read for adoptive parenting.  Deborah Gray knows her stuff and there is such good information on building attachment with your child through every phase.  A must read!

I'm Chocolate, You're Vanilla by Marguerite A. Write.  I've only read a small section because much of the book goes by age and my sons are still so little, but this is a great book for anyone raising black or biracial kids.  She goes through the best ways to discuss and address matters of race with every age.

Adoption Parenting edited by MacLeod and Macrae.  This book was part of the training we went through with our current agency.  It's very helpful to have on your bookshelf because there are sections on many topics including Sleep, Eating, Siblings, etc. so you can refer to a section as needed.  I've found the Eating section very helpful for E.

Toddler Adoption by Mary Hopkins-Best.  If you are adopting or have adopted toddlers, I recommend this book.  I am reading it now since J-Man (19 months) was just placed with us.  Toddler adoption is very unique because of where they are developmentally, emotionally, attachment-wise, etc. so this book has given me insight.

Lonely Planet's Ethiopian Amharic.  If you are adopting from Ethiopia, this is a good little pocket-sized resource.  We studied up before going to Ethiopia and took it with us and the people we encountered were very impressed and appreciative that we knew even just a little Amharic.  I was able to have a little conversation with a little girl at the orphanage, which I will cherish.  And now we are teaching E some Amharic. 

Those are some of the best I've found.  I'd love to hear any additions you may have!

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