Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's Official!

Okay, I know it's been quiet and weird and maybe a little boring around here lately and for that I apologize.  But I am here to say "It's official!"  Jordan (19 months) was placed with us on Tuesday after a hearing approving out-of-county placement.  We've been doing visitation with him for a month and a half now.  He's stayed with us for a weekend, a week, a week and a half, etc. off and on since the beginning of June.  There were 3 hearings before the judge finally approved for him to placed in a different county than he was previously in.  Frustrating.  But it's over now!

So we are a family of four!  It's quite strange to allow ourselves to relax into that after a month and a half of having no idea how this whole thing would end up.  It was a very new experience for us to have a child living with us off and on and not know at all if he would end up with us or someone else.  When he was here, we loved him like he was ours.  But we kept it ever in our minds, forcing ourselves to remember he wasn't ours yet.  If you've done foster care maybe you understand.  It's like you can't allow yourself to fully view him as YOUR SON until you know he's going to be placed with you because that would be too painful.  But you know you have to love him and treat him like he already is YOUR SON because that's what he deserves even if it only lasts a week or two.

But now we can breathe a little easier and let our hearts fully grasp that Jordan is our little boy and we are his mommy and daddy.

I am not allowed to post pictures until we finalize the adoption, which won't be for at least 6 months, and it's killing me.  I'll just tell you that he's really cute and he has curly hair that I love.  He has some mean dance moves and adores playing with water and brushing his teeth.  He eats like there's no tomorrow and  sleeps in until 7 or 8 (a real treat for these parents of a dedicated 5 am riser).  As Chris will tell you, "He's  a lover and a fighter."  He'll cuddle and hug, he'll smack you on the cheek.  Welcome to the family, Jordan!


Ang said...

Laurel and Chris~

A big congrats to your family. Oh, the joys of mothering two children close to the same age-and challenges :-)

Jim and Angie

~Stacy said...

Super excited for you guys!!

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