Tuesday, August 23, 2011


This weekend was pretty busy for us.  Chris helped his sister and brother-in-law move to Lodi all day Saturday.  His brother-in-law just got a new job in Stockton so they and their two daughters relocated to Lodi.  We are excited for them as they begin this new adventure, but we will miss them, too.  While Chris was gone, the boys and I spent time with my parents, which was nice.

Chris had church on Sunday, but I am staying home with the boys this month instead of taking them to church.  Chris and I decided this would be best for J-Man who is a little too much of a charmer!  He is, of course, not securely attached to us yet and doesn't fully grasp the concept of strangers.  So he hugs and kisses and reaches for most women he comes into contact with.  The women, of course, find this adorable and sweet so he receives a lot of praise for his misguided affections.  It's just a difficult time to have him around crowds of people excited to meet him.  So we decided to keep him home this month and we'll reevaluate next month.  We figure he needs to understand more that we are his family and what that means before we bring him into that setting.

We tried to have a day of rest once Chris got home on Sunday.  And it was pretty relaxing.  Well, as relaxing as it can be with a 2-year-old and a 21-month-old!

Tomorrow, J-Man's social worker will make a trip from up north to do a home visit with us.  After tomorrow, she has arranged for a local social worker to do our monthly visits.  I always get nervous with these things even though I know their purpose is to make sure we are doing okay and that J-Man is safe and healthy.  I just have to keep reminding myself of this as I try to get all the floors mopped and all the toys picked up!

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