Thursday, August 18, 2011


Over the past week, our sleep routine with E has become this:

"Do you want to rock or just lay down?"

His answer can go either way.

If he wants to rock, we sit in the rocking chair and rock for one song.

Then we lay him down with his little plastic Thomas the Tank Engine, and two Thomas cabooses.  He has to have all three.  I think we have finally found that child's transitional object; at least for bedtime!

We HAVE to then say, "Nigh-night."  I learned this the hard way last week.  I was not aware this had become the phrase Daddy used when leaving the room at bedtime.  So I did not say it. I probably muttered something along the lines of, "I love you" or "Sleep good."  Big problem.  Tears.  Wails.  The child would not sleep.  I finally got him to tell me what was wrong.  I hadn't said, "Nigh-night."  You have to say, "Nigh-night."

Anyway, then he lays there chattering away at his Thomas for about 5 minutes before all you hear is snoring.

This is a miracle, friends.  It used to take us an hour and a half of rocking him or rubbing his back to get him to sleep!  Recently, we implemented a system of coming back in to check on him every few minutes and that was working, until we got J-Man, which threw the whole thing off.  But now?  Oh, glorious now! 

I honestly wondered if falling asleep would ever be an easy task for E.  I thought it might always be filled with too much anxiety and fear and whatever else keeps him awake.  But the Lord heals little hearts.  And love.  Love heals little hearts.

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