Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Mooch

J-Man is a moocher when it comes to food.  As part of our building of attachment and trust, we try to be the only ones who give him food so he learns WE meet his needs and that with us he will always have enough.  This can be problematic at the park, though.

I pack several options of snacks in my bag and the boys know they are available whenever they want them.  But J-Man sees other moms giving their kids snacks and if they look better or if I'm not giving them to him exactly the way he wants (like letting him grab a huge handful and spill half on the ground) off he runs.  He doesn't just walk up and try to grab some food.  He charms.  He woos.  He's really good at it.  He gently touches the mom's leg and looks into her eyes.  I always try to catch him and pull him away, re-offering OUR snacks to him and telling him "Mommy gives you snacks."

Today he was trying to mooch some yogurt melts when I walked up.  The other mom sweetly offered that he could have one if it was ok with me to which I just replied, "No, thank you" as I pulled him away.

Hopefully he'll soon learn that he can trust us to meet his needs and to take care of him.  That's our prayer.

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