Monday, September 26, 2011

One Busy Weekend

This weekend was way too busy!

The first part of Saturday was filled with: Yardwork, getting ready for a wedding, prepping for our first babysitters since we got J-Man.

Saturday evening:  Chris and I went to the wedding of my high school friend Adrienne.  It was lovely, but we weren't able to enjoy being on a "date" because we were both so worried about J-Man the whole time.  It was the first time we have left him with babysitters and it really made us anxious.  I'm happy to report he did really well and even fell asleep before we got home, which we did not expect since he fights bedtime with a passion!  Anyway, we got home and crashed.

(It was fun to get dressed's been a while!)

 (Grabbed some Pumpkin Spice Lattes on the way)

(Beautiful church in Yettem where the ceremony was)

Sunday:  We needed a babysitter again since Chris and I both had to be involved in things related to his job for several hours.  I rushed home in between events to put the boys down for naps.  Then I rushed directly from Chris's work event to my own work and didn't get home until around 6.  I tried to spend some quality time with the boys since I felt like I had barely seen them for the whole weekend.  After we put them to bed, Chris and I relaxed with some decaf coffee and biscotti while we chatted and then watched some tv.  It was nice to connect and relax a little.

Praise God, J-Man did wonderful with babysitters (my parents took Saturday and my mother-in-law took Sunday)!  Since I came home last night, he has been such a happy kid!  It's like our absence made him appreciate us more and maybe it solidified in his mind that we will always come back when we leave.  Maybe that made him feel more like we are here to stay.  I don't know, but he is more joyful than usual.  It's a good thing and so nice to know that he can survive being left with grandparents!

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