Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Summer's Still Here

This is usually a time of year I don't care for very much.  It's still summer and in Visalia it will remain SUMMER for at least another month.  The heat doesn't quit here until October.  So this is the time when I usually feel a little woe-is-me that I live in a place that's still hot.

But today I enjoyed it.  I found the lovely lovely in it.  This morning I sat on a stool in the sunshine (before it got too hot) and watched my boys play with tractors and shovels and buckets in the dirt.  This afternoon I let them have ice cream cones outside in their diapers.

Today I was grateful that I didn't have to wear pants and a 3/4-sleeved top just to be comfortable.  I was glad my summer gets to mosey on a little longer.

But I will definitely be glad when the fall does grace us with its cozy presence!

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