Friday, September 30, 2011

We're Not Done. But don't worry, we're not starting again yet.

Sometimes I want to be that family with 8 kids.  I do.  I read blogs of families who have adopted and adopted and adopted and I feel something, you know?

I mean, we've got this family, right?  And there is a staggering number of kids who need one.  So...what do you do with that?

I seem to be hearing a lot of comments lately about how two kids is plenty or three is so hard, "We're definitely done at three" (said with a hint of "they're driving me crazy!"), and the like.  Not directed toward me, just in conversations I've been having.  But I've got two...they're 6 months apart...we've had J-Man for only 2 months...they're exhausting...they're hard...they've been through a lot so there are added issues we deal with...

But I definitely don't feel like we're done.  Even in the midst of all this chaos and exhaustion, I can still see that we're not done.  We'll adopt more.  Lord willing.  I can't tell you we'll get up to 8, but maybe 4?  Maybe more?  I don't know.  Chris doesn't even want to talk about starting the adoption process again yet, but I know he still wants 1 or 2 more.  He still doesn't have that Daddy's Girl, after all.

So for those who have given a child a family...whether it's one or ten...I admire you.  And you inspire me.

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