Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mama Called the Doctor

My poor "little tiny J-Man baby" (Ephraim gave him this nickname even thought they are 6 months apart and almost the same size!) has had a lot of doctor visits lately.  Last week we spent half the day at the hospital for a gastroenterology appointment.  There we learned that he does not have acid reflux and can therefore stop taking Prevacid every day...praise God!  He is slightly underweight so we're going to be adding Carnation Instant Breakfast to his milk a couple times a day.  And we did blood work to test for a milk allergy.  He has one.  So we'll be switching from our prescription formula to soy milk and learning all about soy cheese and yogurt with no milk in it.  If anyone has any tips or products that are good for dealing with a milk allergy, please share!

Yesterday, Daddy took him to get an echo done on his heart.  I heard it was about 40 minutes of the nurse rubbing this ultrasound stick all over his chest.  Poor guy.  That's a long time for a 2-year-old to lay still.  J-Man has a heart murmur so we're trying to figure out what's going on there.

And today I took him for his 2 year checkup and he got a couple of shots.  He cried and cried.

So today I'm grateful my little boy is healthy.  I'm grateful he doesn't have to deal with acid reflux his whole life and I'm hoping his milk allergy goes away.  I'm rethinking this whole pizza party thing we had planned for his birthday next week.  Maybe I'll make one pizza with soy cheese?  I'm praying his little heart murmur is nothing serious.  And when he wakes up from his nap I'll kiss his little bandaid-ed finger where they drew blood and I'll kiss his buff little bandaid-ed thigh where he got shots.  And I'll remember how blessed I am to be HIS mommy.


Meg Fletcher said...

Aw you're a sweet mama! :( poor little guy!

Renee' said...

How truely blessed these babies are to have you for their mommy Laurel. It is so very obvious you are a very loving, caring, concerned Mommy that is very intune to her babies emotional and physical needs and wants. Also how much you are enjoying watching them grow! Bless you sweet lady! Hugs Renee' T.

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