Saturday, December 31, 2011

Settling In

We like change around here.  Chris and I get bored kind of easily and we enjoy new ventures.

I always feel settled but I never feel permanent.  Is that how I should say it?  I'm not quite sure.  We've lived in 4 different places since we got married 4 years ago.  We've had a ridiculous number of job changes...I would give you a number, but you probably wouldn't believe it anyway.  We've had 2 kids.  Many pets have come and gone.  We're constantly selling things to buy other things.

But I've almost always felt settled without being settled, I guess.  I've felt at home in each of our homes.  But at each home, I know we're not really there for the long haul.  Even when we purchased this house (our first time owning), I knew it wouldn't be for 5 years or anything.  What's more, neither of us really have that desire to settle down and find THAT home.  You know the one...where you research the school systems cause you know THIS is where your kids are going to spend their entire childhood.  Disclaimer:  We don't plan to leave town soon or anything, but we probably won't stay in this house all that much longer.

Chris and I both have this ability to feel at home and okay and comfortable and settled while still being completely unsettled and knowing we'll probably move along soon.  Sometimes I wonder if that means something.  If we're supposed to do something with our lives that requires us to be on the move.  I don't know what that would be.  It's just something to think about, I guess.  Winding up a year just puts me in a pondering sort of zone, you know?

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