Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Adoption and Logic

Chris and I end up talking about our next adoption about every other week.  We get hit with these moments of inspiration to leave one less orphan in the world.  One week, Chris has trouble sleeping and in those moments thinking in the dark, he just can’t stop thinking about orphans needing families.  A couple weeks later, I read a blog entry about a child coming home from a Ugandan orphanage and my heart just explodes with this drive.
So one of us brings it up and the other says, “Uh oh.  What are you thinking?”  and the one who brought it up reassures that, “I’m not saying any time soon, I was just thinking about it.”
Because we’ve got this plan, you see.  We’ve got this plan of when we’ll start the process of our next adoption and it’s based on what we feel we can handle and, well, it’s based on logic, really.
Sometimes I just wonder if there’s much room for logic when it comes to issues like this.  The ridiculous number of orphans in the world.  The passion God demonstrates in scripture for taking care of those orphans.  The passion in my own heart.  Where does logic fit in?  Or does it fit in?  Is it all just about foolishness and more foolishness?

1 comment:

rachel said...

yes foolishness. I can completely relaqte to this!

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